On April 22nd, 2016 the Centre for Indigenous Scholars passed a resolution supporting the Exoneration of Louis Riel

"Resolved that the Centre for Indigenous Scholars supports the exoneration of Louis Riel who was recognized by Parliament on March 10, 1992 when it was stated that Louis Riel is a founder of Manitoba, and a key contributor to Canadian Confederation and that Louis Riel's proper place in Canadian history can only be achieved through exoneration".

Legally, Louis Riel remains a convicted traitor to Canada. The friends of Louis Riel Society are honoured by the resolution passed by the Centre for Indigenous Scholars in support of Riel's exoneration and his recognition as Canada's Métis Father of Confederation.

 Friends please join us in exonerating Louis Riel. Please pass a Riel resolution and send it to: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, office of the Prime Minister, 80 Wellington Street, Ottawa, ON  K1A 0A2 and copy The Friends of Louis Riel Society at Box 314, Powell River BC, V8A 5C2.



Whereas Louis Riel has been recognized by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (February 15th, 2016 as "a champion of minority rights, founder of Manitoba, and a key contributor to Canadian Confederation";

"And whereas the Prime Minister also stated on February 15, 2016 "Louis Riel made important sacrifices to defend the rights, the freedoms, and the culture of the Métis people. The ideals that Louis Riel fought for – ideals of inclusiveness and equality – are now the very same values on which we base our country's identity";

 And whereas Louis Riel was recognized by Minister Carolyn Bennett (November 16, 2015) as a "leader not only for the Métis but for all Canadians";

Therefore be it resolved that the___________________________________________ supports positive actions leading to a parliamentary exoneration and recognition of Louis Riel as a key contributor to Canadian Confederation.

Be it further resolved that the_____________________________________ supports the adoption by the Canadian Parliament of a government-sponsored bill exonerating Louis Riel from his high treason conviction in 1885 in time for the hundred and 50th anniversary of Canada's Confederation.


Please forward a copy of your resolution to:

(Postage free)

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau,

Office of the Prime Minister

80 Wellington Street, Ottawa, ON K1A 082



And Friends of Louis Riel Society

Box 314, Powell River, BC V8A 5C2







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